#Firefly25 Interview: Phil Szomszor (The Red Rocket), Firefly’s head of business and digital practice

In the second of our #firefly25 anniversary video series, Claire Walker speaks to The Red Rocket, otherwise known as Firefly’s head of B2B and Digital Phil Szomszor. Phil voices his opinions on the changing PR environment, recalling his early days chasing journalists around exhibitions and his views on the future of the industry. While Phil confesses he wasn’t “well-equipped” to encourage journalists onto event stands, he has found his groove in the world of digital communications. He has been a PR blogger since 2006 and is widely known as an industry commentator and speaker on the intersection of technology, PR and social media.

Phil Szomszor on the past, the present and the future of PR from FireflyCommsPR on Vimeo.