Firefly helps Job Bounties to shake up the UK recruitment industry

The PR launch of a new social recruitment marketplace 

Following a competitive pitch, Firefly was appointed in November 2012 as the PR agency to help recruitment entrepreneur James Uffindell to launch the first ever social recruitment marketplace: Job Bounties.

The site launched on 14th November 2012, and aims to establish itself as the UK’s leading referral site. Turning the traditional recruitment model on its head, Job Bounties is set to disrupt the recruitment industry by reducing talent acquisition costs down to the true market value for that vacancy.

In the first two months of the site’s launch, the team at Firefly has helped to drive awareness of and traffic to the site – which has built up a live portfolio of 200 jobs, and has seen over 400 recommendations and applications for roles.

First, the team at Firefly led a seeding campaign with influencers, to ensure that Job Bounties was on the radar of both recruiters such as OnRec and Recruitment Buzz, as well as marketing and media resources such as Econsultancy and The Drum.

Next up was profile building, to ensure that James Uffindell’s profile remained high and credible in the space, with profile pieces in publications including The Independent, London Loves Business and Business Matters.

Most recently, in the New Year Firefly issued research findings from Job Bounties – which announced that Monday 7th January is set to be National Job Hunt Day 2013. The research findings received coverage pick up from publications as high-profile and diverse as the Financial Times and The Daily Star.

The Firefly team has also helped Job Bounties to set up its social media channels; the new site now has a healthy profile across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn amongst other channels.

Firefly will continue to support Job Bounties as it disrupts the UK recruitment market.  The model for Job Bounties is simple and risk-free.  Firms set their bounty at the amount they are willing to pay to get the right candidate, and only pay the bounty if and when that candidate is made an offer of employment through Job Bounties.  Candidates reach firms either through a recommendation (a friend/contact) or direct application (personal). The ‘bounty hunters’ receive their reward – a 50% cut of the agreed bounty fee – when the friend they recommend for a job (or they themself) starts the job.

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