Life’s a box of Fireflies: Getting creative with Vine

It’s not just children who get creative with cardboard boxes – at Firefly, whilst experimenting with Vine and enjoying some down-time on a few Friday afternoons, we created our very own series called #thebox. We always think the best way of getting the most out of new social media tools and apps is to play with them. Vine’s an interesting one: since being bought by Twitter, the short video clip app has eclipsed Instagram, hitting 13 million downloads and rapidly increasing in popularity.

Only being a maximum of six and a bit seconds, it’s an easy tool to use to engage your social media following.  A phone, the app and a pinch of creativity is all that’s needed!

Here’s how it started at Firefly HQ….

Special delivery! The arrival of Yani is what kicked this off. Credits: Produced by Austin, acting by Yani and Austin, filmed by me.

And then there were two…The arrival of Melissa was next. Credits: Produced and filmed by me, acting by all Fireflies.

The ‘fall’ out between Austin and Yani. Credits: Produced and filmed by Austin and Yani, acting Austin and Yani.

The latest Firefly intern arrived via Phil’s old agency Citigate. Credits: Produced and filmed by Austin and I, acting Phil and Joe.

CEO Claire Walker gets glammed up for Awards evening. Credits: Produced and filmed by me, acting Claire.

Time to head home! Credits: Produced and filmed by Austin, acting by Kat, Tom and Chevaan.

This post was written by Charlotte.

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  • Sarra Mander

    Great! Particularly loving Claire’s award ceremony Superman-twirling-in-telephone-box Vine!