Stitching Europe together and making a PR impact


Highlights from this year’s European Song Contest included a Polish Captain Hook look-a-like, the German entry looking like a Pokémon character and the Dutch contestant deciding to take a 10 second pause mid-song. Pan-European PR can be just as confusing. There are 51 countries in Europe with 23 official languages – so it’s a huge […]

For what it’s worth…… adding it up to offer the best value in PR

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Value: it’s a subjective measure, but one that’s important to everything we do in business. Typically, in business, we correlate value with money spent for goods or services. Something’s expensive? Well it must be great quality! Something’s free? Great, I’ll take it, but it doesn’t matter what happens with it since it didn’t cost anything. […]

Blendle: Bite-sized saviour of journalism or future apathy victim?

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It started long ago; declines in readership, subscriptions and ad revenues, inevitably leading to smaller editorial teams and lower page counts. Whilst print and online media isn’t ‘dead’ by any measure, it’s certainly had a lot of troubles. By and large, most publications are still struggling to find ways to maintain quality journalism and keep […]

Virtual reality: the most disruptive tool for marketing and PR since social media


Virtual reality (VR) is the next frontier for marketing and public relations. From VR games and entertainment to the latest VR capabilities for the enterprise, there is no question that virtual reality will become more embedded in our daily lives. For marketing and PR professionals, virtual reality is the biggest disruptive technology since social media. […]

Top tips to become a great media spokesperson


“It’s a private matter.” From the second Downing Street uttered those words, they almost immediately lost control of the situation with David Cameron’s tax affairs. It took four days and four separate statements before the truth came out. Because Downing Street failed to take hold of the situation early on, Cameron’s crusade against tax avoidance […]

Blandly going where every agency has been before…


“We specialize in bland identity, bland development, bland strategy, bland building, bland positioning, digital blanding, fully integrated blanding campaigns, bland UI/UX design, and bland environments.” Hats off to a Baltimore team who designed a hilarious parody agency website called It had us in stitches (and is surprisingly convincing). We loved the team description of […]