Celebrating 25 Years

Firefly Communications, looking to the future and celebrating 25 years in PR.

Since 1988, Firefly has established itself as an ambitious, independent PR agency with a proven track record in delivering game-changing public relations campaigns.  This year, we are so proud to celebrate 25 fast-moving, exciting years in the industry.

Claire Walker, CEO Firefly Communications

Our CEO Claire Walker founded Firefly and has been at its helm for the last 25 years. In this time, Firefly has played a pivotal role in helping to launch and build many leading consumer and business brands, particularly in the field of technology and innovation.

As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations, we are inviting the industry to help us to analyse the past and present of PR and share with us in thinking about the future.

We have filmed interviews hosted by Claire, with 25 high-level PR and media professionals who have been an important part of making Firefly the agency that it is today.  We also summarised the insight gathered throughout these interviews in three additional videos, discussing the past, present and future of our industry. You can watch all of our #Firefly25 videos below.