This is a question pondered by many communication professionals. You’ve collected your insights, your campaign has been planned and you’ve got your coverage, but what now? It’s all well and good celebrating a great piece of coverage or PR content, but you also need to think about what’s next.

Many businesses don’t utilise the content they produce and the coverage they achieve to help deliver business results. Taking content and coverage one step further should be part and parcel of any campaign, and to do this, you can deploy tactics following the PESO model.

PESO – paid, earned, shared and owned media – is a great model to follow and can help you think about how else to amplify PR results. Doing this can help you retarget your current audience and reach a new audience. When it comes to amplifying content, you’ve already got your earned piece of coverage, but there are things you can do to help improve the impact.

Do you have a link in your article/piece of content and is it trackable? You can create trackable links using Google’s Campaign URL Builder to help measure the impact of coverage and PR content on your website traffic, which you can track in Google Analytics. These links are quite long, but you can use services like to shorten them and embed them in the content. This can tell you which campaigns are the most successful, which channels are bringing in the most traffic, and how much of this traffic converts into results.

Over the coming weeks, Firefly will be sharing tactics on how to use owned, shared and paid options to help take your earned media and PR content further. Tune in next week to learn about how to amplify coverage and content using your owned channels.


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